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Drama Queen Ego takes Centre Stage

The difficulty that we all have, is rooted in something we often call “Ego”.

When we ask “what is Ego?”, it might be better to ask “Why is Ego?”

Perhaps you know of the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and the snake in the apple tree.  Adam and Eve represent humankind in their natural state of pure Knowing.  That is, contentment and peace, and conscious awareness.  The snake could represent the birth of Ego.  That is, the idea that we are separate from one another and separate from all life forms, including God.

So Ego is an idea.  It grew, perhaps, out of curiosity, out of the question, “what would happen if I did what I wanted?”.  The trouble here is not the question that is asked, but the fact that the word “I” takes over.

Once humankind had become curious about that question, the snake (the Ego) began to take hold of our minds.  We began to forget who we are.

Forgetfulness is the keystone of the way the Ego works.  When you were born, you were in a state of pure Knowing.  This continued on for some time.  And then as you became aware of yourself, as yourself, as “I”, you began to see yourself as separate from your mother, your father, your care-givers.  You began to forget and started to be fooled into listening to that big voice that says

“I want!”

Ego loves to be the centre of attention.  And Ego will do this anyway it can, even if it means being naughty.  It does this because it loves the drama, and it loves the emotion that is stirred up – anger – when drama happens.  That kind of strong and negative emotion is like food for the Ego.

Ego always seeks to be first, to be the best, because it needs all of that just to feel alive.

The truth of it is that there are many sign posts along the way to help you navigate your life in a non Ego-centric and therefore peaceful way.

To explain Ego a bit more, you might listen to your thoughts as you go about your day.  Ego is like a voice in your head.  This voice is always busy chattering, and what it says is often not very helpful.

The Ego often replays things which have happened in the past which make us feel emotional.  It is like watching an old movie again and again.  Ego also goes off into the future and creates experiences which have not happened, all dramatic and all emotional, but not like a pleasant day-dream.  More like a scary “what if?” scenario, drawing on things that have happened and making them worse.

Ego likes us to experience dramatic things in our lives because it feeds on your emotion.  If there is not enough drama for it’s liking, it creates some more.  It loves anger, irritation, impatience, gossip and generally putting you out of balance.

The kinds of things the voice of Ego might say from day to day don’t help you to feel good about yourself.  Ego might criticise you as you get dressed for school and you look in the mirror.  It might say “too thin – to fat – not pretty – not handsome – no friends – no-one likes me-I’m fed up”.

It is the Ego at work when you look at someone else and sneer – even if you do this in your head.  It is the Ego who, on hearing other people say mean things about someone, wants you to join in, and stops you from standing up for that picked on person.

When you are at home, it might not let you relax quietly but might tell you to go and raid the fridge, even when you are not hungry.  It might tell you to criticise a friend when you are on Facebook.  It will make you feel good about criticising your friend, especially when other people join in to say nasty things, that kind of thing make the Ego feel  just great!

Ego likes being in a group of other people who all feel bad about themselves.

Now that we have an idea what Ego is, it is helpful to look at what Ego is not.

The opposite of Ego is the little voice that frowns when you say or think something nasty, either about yourself or someone else.

The opposite of Ego is the little voice which knows and tries to tell you when you are being mean to yourself or someone else.  It is like the Jiminy Cricket character in Pinocchio.

The trouble is, that everyone else’s Ego has a Big Mission. The mission of the Ego is to survive, that is to say, to keep you feeling like you are more important than someone else.  Its job is to make you feel special.  It does this by making you think that other people are less good than you are.

The opposite of Ego, is pure Knowing.

The pure Knowing inside you already knows you are special, that we all are, that we are all equal, that no-one is better than anyone else.

Pure Knowing does not try to make other people look good so that you feel more special.  You are special.  You are good.  We all are.  This is a fact.

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  1. Ego illustrated would be great!!

  2. Yes it would! If it gets published, I will know exactly how to describe Ego, as a little sprite, a bit mischievous, like a Brian Froud creation. Thanks for your support!


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