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Teen Advice on Being Human

Who am I?

You are a divine spark of life.  You are part of God.  You are millions of atoms which came from the stars.  You are Consciousness.  You are life.

Life is the Dancer, and you are the Dance.

You are the manifestation of the All-That-Is, in human form.  That is to say, that you are part of all that you see.  You are the same consciousness as a flower, as the wind, as the blue sky and the sea and all that lies beneath it.

You are hope, you are enlightenment.

You are pure Knowing.

If you read this and think that you cannot be all of these wonderful things, it is because you have forgotten who you are.

The image you have of yourself in the mirror pops into your mind, the life you live now is what you think you are, the home your family have defines you.  But these things are of the mind, and are not who you really are.

Who you are is not your thinking mind, although your thinking mind is very useful.  It helps you speak, walk, paint, create, fly an aircraft, dive the ocean, play music, sing, all of those things and much more. Your mind helps you function in the world.

But when your mind is too busy, racing round and round, trying to solve a problem or understand an issue, or replay an event where you felt hurt (just like an old movie), you believe that your mind is all that you are.  And this is not true.

You are the awareness that does the thinking!

You are the quiet space before the worrying thought takes root.

You are the peace and the inner state of nature which pumps your blood around, which creates relaxation in your body, which makes your physical body work so well.

You are the quiet voice which watches the worrying mind.

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