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Tribe – they survived the apocalypse, they thought…

Dark Teatime of the SoulIn the not too distant future, a world once destroyed has made itself anew.  The British Isles are scattered with what is left of the human race, living peacefully, in harmony once more, with the Earth.  Three Clans, three hill forts, one future.  The Clans of Sky, Storm and Forest depend on each other for company, ceremony, hunting and harvest.  Deep within the clans, small pockets of Tribe are the Keepers of the Secrets, women who guide, and guard, but from what, or whom, is not known.  Not until now, when the protective gauze surrounding utopia begins to tear, a small splinter is driven deep, and the future, once again, will be held to ransom.

Things are never what they seem, are they?

The first chapter in the Tribe trilogy begins tonight.

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