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Who’s afraid of the big, bad teen? Tra la la la la………………….


So many people say to me, “Wow, you’re brave!”, when I tell them I’m a secondary school teacher.  It strikes me as odd.  But then, from a non-teacher perspective, that huge boy with a massive baseball cap and falling down jeans is walking towards you in a sideways way, taking up more space than he needs.  Is the word ‘swaggering’?  Actually no, but anthropologically speaking, George W Bush was seen on many occasions to strike up this kind of walk, and it means something; what the walk is saying is “I am bigger than I seem” (read: more powerful).  It could be likened to the puffa fish puffing itself up, or the (male) garden birds fluffing out their feathers, in other words, it is a display, a mere show of strength, a put-on.

Looking deeper, these animals display in such a way usually out of fear of a potential threat…

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