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Thanks, cockrel, for the levity

I’m exhausted, but not, as you might imagine, from dealing with the children from this very special school, but from tackling the planning from top to  bottom, in one week.  Tonight, my colleage and I were so pooped that we laughed our heads off at the slightest thing.  We thought back to the beginning of the week, during teacher training days, and how we had been asked to plan together and be watched, mind you, by the phase leader.  Neither my colleague nor myself would admit in company that we had not the slightest clue what to do but when my colleague volunteered to run back to her class to get such and such document, she admitted to me tonight that the reason she had been gone so long was because she had gone to her room and sat down and thought “I haven’t the first clue what I’m doing”.  We thought how funny it was that we couldn’t even agree if our highlighter pens were the same shade of green, and if they weren’t, would our planning be cast aside?

Through the much-needed gaiety, I realised what a gift the week had been.  Today, on beginning our class story (The Hobbit), each time I paused for breath, the cockrel who marshals the troops out in the courtyard decided to chime in.  What do you do?  In any normal school, well it’s ha ha, and back to work.  In this school, the necessity to model correct behaviour cannot be offset by a teacher going off the rails and joining in the fun.  If you must know, I laughed along with them and made much of it, and due to our first two days together, the children came back to focus fast.

My teaching assistant took the class photos for our wall.  If you see these photos, you see angels.  One angel has a black eye.  Another has a brother who picks him up from school with a fierce eye.  Another has a mother whom you would cross the road to avoid.  Another makes up vomiting to get attention.  Another.. and another…

And in all of this, the children themselves are magnificent.  If ever you doubt the contrast and wishes of desire, the need for this to be true, go into such a school, such an area, and gaze into the eyes of the little ones.

Each night I listen to the Vortex cd, and my morning commute is filled with, well, filling in the emotional grid.  The result has been a joyous happening, something magical and wonderful, but I don’t feel I can take the credit.  What part of the children needed or wanted such as me as their teacher? I can’t know.  But I do know that all the prepaving I did has produced wonderment.

That said, first day with the children, 6 am and I go to my car and there’s a flat tyre.  I decided not to curse it.  I went back home and yelled for Husband.  He with whom I have not communicated meaningfully in over a year.  And our drive was tranquil, and easy, and then he picked me up in the evening, and we laughed our way home.  He told me it had been nice picking me up.  So thank you flat tyre.

And I continue.  Will let you know how the first full week ensues.  Blessings.  “We are, as ever (hoping we are) in the vortex.”

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