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Spiritual Schooling – first days.

Watching Abraham on the internet this summer, there were plentiful epiphanies, lots of synchronicities and much remembering of things I know and knew and bring back to conscious mind.   And so, preparing for my new job, at my new school, in the first days of my new adventure, I thought about the children I’ll be responsible for.

I think that this is a very worthy topic to blog about, I hope you do, too.  So over the next few weeks I’ll be writing up as the adventure unfolds, sharing my thoughts, my successes and my contrasts.

Let me tell you a little about the children.  At my new school, the children are what would be termed, to a large part, greatly deprived…of love, of boundaries, of simple necessities like clean clothes and plentiful food.  I had been offered other interviews, but had stated clearly to myself that I would take the very first role which was offered to me, and so I did.

Walking into this school, you’d think you were in a private primary school.  There are chickens in the courtyard, allotments for each class, a forest school, a café which sells the children’s own produce like elderflower cordial and jam.  The children themselves look to me like angels.  They are all calm, content – tranquil is the perfect word for them.  But what has gone on behind the scenes to enable these children from the most challenging of backgrounds, is nothing short of spectacular.  It’s easy to see why the staff are all exhausted, simply holding up the continous and relentless needs to create boundaries and reaffirm them is enough, never mind all the usual mindless administration needed to “prove” pupil progress.

So this summer I spent a large amount of time preparing my classroom, which meant scouring charity shops for books and soft toys, cutting out stencilled letters and creating what I like to think of as an imaginarium.  I wanted to promote the idea of the adventure and the journey that learning is.  I rummaged amongst my daughter’s cast-off items and found a beautiful tent for over the bed by Winn Green and lo!  my library corner is complete!  Happy days.

In what Abraham calls “pre-paving”, the idea is to put into your emotional grid all that you wish to feel, without being specific about it.  It is a joyous activity and after only two days of gently asserting to myself that I want the best for the children, I want to do right by them, I want alignment for me and for them… my sister turned up with a boot full of the most sumptuous and perfect spiritual books to read aloud to the children.  How magnificent, to see manifestation in progress!

So onto how to plan for a primary curriculum – unknown area for me, as a secondary school teacher.  The curriculum is a creative one, taught through theme, so no problem in terms of interesting ideas.  I affirm to myself daily and moment by moment when I feel the anxiety come up that I don’t know what I’m doing, that I’m a fraud….that I know all there is to know and all will be well.

My first day is on Monday, two days of Inset and then the children arrive.  I have the idea that their summer holiday is not the looked-forward to event that it is for other children, that they may come back with wild behaviour, anger, and anxiety.  I continue to wish, to work on, to allow and embrace

The journey begins.

this process.  I wonder how it will all pan out?  Will I be a crashing failure?  Or did the children “request” me and will this really be for the highest good of us all?

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  1. You are moving in the right direction. Have faith in yourself and follow the leading of your heart.

  2. Mike

     /  September 24, 2012

    Everything happens for a reason… so pull on those Wellies, buckle up, take a deep breath, and march on! Good Luck


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